How can I help you as your hired pen?

Maybe you:

*Are an editor of a magazine, newspaper, outlet, association or non-profit, and need a professional journalist to tell a story, to make it readable and credible, to produce a piece that's valuable, informative, relevant to your audience. You want engaging copy to reach your readers. Trustworthy, clear content written and edited with integrity is a way to build a solid, respectable brand. 

*Are a company that needs to hire a professional writer to produce website and blog content, newsletters, speeches, social media content. By hiring a journalist, you can be assured of readable, interesting, and error-free content. 

*Are an entrepreneur or small business owner who needs to get their messages out in a clear, cohesive manner, and looking for a good ghostwriter. 

If so, let's talk! Would love to hear from you. 

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